A glace into I-Lead

HCA applied for, and successfully received a three year grant from the Administration for Native Americans in 2017.

This new project is titled:

Hydaburg Youth Leadership,Empowerment, and Development Project.

OUR VISION: Is "To foster the Development of Healthy, Competent and Culturally Grounded Youth to be the Next Generation of Tribal and Community Leaders in Hydaburg".

Being a brand new project we began by recruiting and hiring staff to develop four projects that include; Haida Language, Haida Carving/Art, Youth Mentorship and Leadership, and "We Choose to Lead".

We are currently developing the Haida Language and Mentoring projects as well as working with the Hydaburg City School District to develop a "Community and Tribal Leadership" course which will be offered to the high school students during the 2018/2019 school year. 

Our current Staff Members are:

Project Manager: Dorinda Sanderson

Project Youth Co-Manager:

Haida Language Coordinator: Benjamin Young

Mentor Coach: Stasha Sanderson

Our team has been working on developing the HCA/ANA I-LEAD MENTOR PROJECT. 

Stasha Sanderson the Mentor Coach has worked hard and completed the "Mentor Project Policies and Procedure Manual" which will now go to the Tribal Council at their next meeting for approval. 

Our team will be setting up presentations and meetings with the different organizations in Hydaburg who are willing to participate in our mentor project. Each participating organization will identify one or two adult(s)  whom are willing to commit to Mentoring a youth. There will be a matching process to ensure the "Mentor" and "Mentee" have like interests and compatibility, which will enable a successful Mentor/Mentee relationship that will have a positive and healthy impact on the youth that will last a life time, and that will provide the youth with the tools they need to become the future Leaders of Hydaburg. 

Our Youth Co-Manager, Nevaeh Peele and Project Manager, Dorinda Sanderson; along with Stasha Sanderson worked on and completed a base-line "Protective Factor Survey" which was conducted with the students at the school in grades 8-12. This survey was developed to gain a sense of the current level of knowledge and participation in Haida Language, Haida Carving/Art, Community and Tribal Leadership, Mentoring, Drug Use/Abuse. This will also help us gauge the level of interest in these areas. We will conduct a mid-way, and final survey at the end of the grant year to help determine the success of the projects, and to see if we need to "fine tune" the project activities for the second and third years of the I-Lead Project.

Our Haida Language Coordinator, Ben Young has been working on developing activities for the youth that will help them with self-identity through researching family clans, history, and names. Ben will also be working with the children and youth on Haida Language activities which will be embedded in various daily activities in school, sports, and out of school and  activities that the children and youth engage in daily.

We will also be offering Haida Carving Classes, once we get a Haida Carving Coordinator on staff and activities scheduled. 

By the end of June or early July we will also begin our "We Choose to Lead" Project. "We Choose to Lead" is our project aimed at researching "Community based" strategies used Locally, State-wide, and Nationally to help identify the causes and impacts of Meth and Heroin use, and begin addressing this issue in Hydaburg. 

If you have any questions, concerns, comments please call the HCA/ANA I-Lead office at: 907-285-3522